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When you eat a diet that gives your body the nutrition it needs, you benefit by better weight control. Some will lose weight some will gain, these are just a few stories.


I have been on your Great Taste No Pain plan for a year. I feel better, more energy, sleep great, no sinus infections or allergies and most important my Ulcerative Colitis is under complete control. Oh and I lost 20 pounds.

God Bless,



I have tried your Great Taste No Pain plan and found instant relief from acid re-flux. I sleep better and longer, lost over one stone in weight, have more energy; it has helped relieve the pain of arthritis in my fingers and made me feel happier as I feel more in control of my wellbeing.

I was also given drugs and told to take them as and when I required them. I was not happy with the purpose of the drug as it stopped the production of acid which was intended to break down my food for digestion. It just did not make any sense at all.

I started searching the internet and came across your website. I have already mentioned to two friends to try your wonderful plan.

Sincere thanks,

Norman E.

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I’m not surprised! I was taken off of Lipitor last December due to muscle weakness and constant spasms. My doctor recognized the symptoms immediately, and told me to stop taking it. Incidentally, he was the very same doctor who prescribed it in the first place. He also told me I had an A1C of 5.6. Strange! Never, ever, did I have issues with blood sugar. He suggested Metaformin and I told him an unequivocal “NO.” I simply changed my eating habits and I have reduced my carbohydrate intake, specifically white flour products, and now feel amazingly good. I dropped 10 pounds within a matter of weeks.

My gut instinct told me that there was a reason the body produces more cholesterol as you age. My eye doctor, who is holistic, recently told me that it serves as a protective mechanism for the brain and the nervous system, and that an A1C of 5.6 was no justification to take medication. It now all seems very sensible to me. My nerves were a wreck while I was on the statins. Now that I’m off, I feel like a million bucks, and at age 64, have energy to burn.

I have also refused to take Nexium for periodic reflux. With your recommended diet modifications, I rarely have episodes. I am beginning to think that big Pharma is a conspiracy to keep the masses just sick enough so they keep using drugs. And with every drug, there are 10 side effects! Every time I look, the AMA is lowering the ranges for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, just so it can sell more drugs. Not to mention all the drug ads on TV. It’s very disconcerting, and very scary.

To be for-warned is to be for-armed. Thank you for sharing this! I applaud you and your efforts to educate the public to the fact that acid reflux is NOT a disease but a condition that can be reversed. It can be done because I have done it! And I take every opportunity I can to introduce my friends to your proven discipline and wisdom. So go ahead, Sherry, take a bow! You deserve it!

Sincerely yours and in good health,


As the newly appointed Head Cook in our house I never thought it would be pleasure to cook. My wife agreed to go on the diet to help with her Hiatal Hernia if I also took on the same diet and done the cooking.

In a period of 5 weeks on your Great Taste No Pain plan my wife no longer has her problem and I am 8lbs lighter. Much more of this and my 6 pack will come into view. We eat a massive meal according to the good book the permitted snacks when and if required.

I have never eaten steak since my gallbladder was removed but do so now and it tastes good. I feel like Popeye with all this spinach and other greens. Anyone want proof just talk to me.

Many thanks,

Joyce and Donald

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Weight Gain

I have been having stomach pains since March 2009 most of the time. Since combining food in the right way and following your Great Taste No Pain I seldom have pain. I have also been able to eat more because I believe I have become under weight at 120 pounds. I was also having to frequently stop working and sit until I had the strength to continue. Now I can work all day and evening.

Clayton Graef

My husband has suffered with Crohn’s disease for 20 years and recently has been so bad that he dropped 50 lbs and was told by the GI doctor that he was a hospice patient. He had malnutrition and malnourishment and they said there was nothing they could do.

Well this week he has gained 5 pounds no more blockages or watery stool this week, he is on his way to healing,

Thank God,

Pam Pampenella

I have now been on your Great Taste No Pain plan and the your Super Shield probiotics for 4 months. This program has saved my life. Even though most people lose weight, I gained weight. But, I needed to gain weight. My body shut down and was not absorbing nutrients. I was so sick I had lost 60 lbs. I have now put on 15 lbs and have energy beyond belief.

I have talked with many people who have had cancer who were treated with chemo and radiation (like myself) and it is amazing how many of them suffered from Fibromyalgia, Digestive Disorders and other terrible side effects. Once eating healthy alkaline foods, taking probiotics, etc… Everyone’s symptoms have improved significantly.

Thank you for your continuous efforts to help people who are suffering.

Karri McConnell


Quite ‘out of the blue’ I began to get severe vomiting and diarrhea, and after several blood tests, a CT scan and radiography, I was admitted to hospital for rehydration (I had lost eight kg in four weeks) and endoscopy and colonoscopy.

What was wrong with me? Luckily, almost nothing! My organs were clear, no ulcers or growths, only a general inflammation of the gut lining – what the doctors called ‘lymphocytic colitis’.

Whatever they called it, I was still on a practically no-food diet! One of my darling daughters had heard of your Great Taste No Pain plan and I sent off for it.

Miraculous! I can now eat solid food again, am beginning to put back some weight (albeit gradually) and have remained symptom free. Bless You!

Many thanks,

Peter Miles


I am happy to report that I have a success story. My Mom had a major surgery over 40 years ago and was just told recently by her doctor that the surgery has come undone and her pain is from the original hiatal hernia. Because of her age, she could not have the surgery again. She is 81 years old. She had been in incredible pain and lost 14 lbs.

Through Google I found your website on Thanksgiving day of 2008. Thanksgiving eve I started her on the plan. The next day I called her and she could not even get dressed and said it was not working. I went over, picked her up, brought her to my house along with the plan and bought and cooked her the foods. I cooked her yummy potato carrot soup and she loved it. By the end of the afternoon she was feeling better and had more strength. She kept losing weight and wanted to get off of it. I encouraged her to stick with it and called and talked to your office. Your office explained that she was de-toxing and her body and would not lose any more weight and would begin gaining after about two weeks. That is exactly what happened.

I am happy to report that she stuck with the plan. She just completed thirty days and her weight is up to 119. She is eating in the correct categories. She carries the card in her purse and is now planning her own meals. She is looking forward to the next meal and cooking meals using your recipes and eating fresh fruits for a snack. This way of eating has changed her life. Her immune system has improved and she is enjoying life. This is a woman that was ready to be taken to ER and now her body is healing. I highly recommend this plan.

Thank you – This was the best Christmas present and an awesome way to begin the New Year.

Kathy Wilson

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