Stomach Aches

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Dear Sherry,

I am thrilled with the Great Taste No Pain way of eating. I had an ulcer detected two weeks ago and I started eating as you suggested a week ago. I felt better after just a day and am feeling better all the time. I was taking a pill twenty minutes before each meal and now I have stopped and still I get no pain after eating.

Thank you.

Debbie Lautrec

Dear Sherry,

I have been suffering off and on since January with tummy cramps, discomfort and pain mostly at night. I’ve had a few tests including one for celiac and h. pylori, I think, and these were clear. A couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor and he prescribed tablets for an irritable bowel. At the end of the week there was no improvement and I went back and he prescribed something stronger. I had said that I wanted to find the cause rather than just treat the symptoms but he said it was a chronic life condition! Diet wasn’t mentioned at all.

I surfed the net and found your Great Taste No Pain eating plan. I immediately tried the plan and my bloating, pain and discomfort disappeared almost immediately.

Alison Johnston

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Dear Sherry,

Just wanted to let you know that since I received your book Great Taste No Pain plan, life has been great. Since following your guide and recipes I have felt great. No more stomach pain which I have been suffering with for over a year. No more Nexium, Pepto, and every other antacid I could get my hands on.

I feel like I am finally feeling normal again.

Thank you so much for your knowledge and products, you are a blessing.

Forever Grateful,

Alice Delaney

Dear Sherry,

I have suffered from excessive gas on my stomach and occasional bloating for 30 years. Eight month ago I was suffering from incredibly horrific stomach pain. My Dr. diagnosed my problem quickly, yes, diverticulitis. I was admitted into the hospital and after 21 hours was put on a morphine drip I was sent home with two powerful antibiotics to be taken over a ten day period.

The day I came home from the hospital I had my first e-mail from you telling me how I could make my problems go away. Well I just kind of glanced over that first e-mail and went about my business following my Dr. orders of more bulk in my diet and more water intake, with no results.

Finally after receiving your e-mails daily over the next few weeks I began to read them seriously, especially those you attached from the many success stories written by folks who had followed your Great Taste No Pain plan.

After a couple of months of no improvement and continuing to receive the many e-mails you shared with me, I ordered your Great Taste No Pain plan.

After just a few days I began to notice, less gas, no more ugly belching or bloating.

You have won me over for life, a life I am enjoying so much more than before I knew about you and your wonderful plan. I am forever grateful!!


Mike Prokop

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Hi Sherry & Associates,

My name is Darlene and I am following your suggestions with the Great Taste No Pain plan.

I have to say that I truly do feel better already! Prior to following this concept of proper food combining I had stomach pain every afternoon that would lead into the evening. Major pain!!!! I usually had to lay down if I was lucky enough to be at home that is. This was a big problem also with my busy work schedule! I now can say that I feel like a free person… Pain free that is!! :) I truly believe that properly combining my foods will now be a way of life for me!

Thank you so much from me and my happy stomach!

Again thank you,

Darlene Del Valle

Hi Sherry,

I just received the received my Great Taste No Pain plan a couple of days ago. I have tried the foods and ate like you said to and I am already feeling better. I get a good nights sleep now and I am not waking up with pain in my stomach anymore

Thank you

Shirley Grantz

I have been following your Great Taste No Pain plan for about three days now. I am very excited. My digestion appears to be better and my allergies seem better as well. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I am definitely going to stick with this and see if it takes me all the way to WELL! Thanks for telling me about this.

Barbara Fox

I am writing to tell you how I am doing on your Great Taste No Pain program.

I started eating correctly about 2 weeks ago. Myself, my mom and my aunt went on the program together and here is our success story. I can report having no bloating feelings and stomach aches. I wasn’t far off from eating correctly to begin with and am very happy with any difference I myself am experiencing.

My mom has reported losing 5 pounds, her heartburn has been eliminated, her energy level has soared and she is looking forward to her next check up to see if her cholesterol levels have improved.

The best part of my story is for my aunt. All her pain has left and there is no more bleeding in her stools. She also has lost 5 pounds and is very focused on continuing the program. She will probably be one who takes longer to relieve all the built up toxins since she was at death’s door prior to the program. Thank you for you hard work devising the excellent tasting recipes and for teaching us about how our bodies digest food optimally.

Cindy Keller

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I must congratulate and thank you.

I am a contrarian by application to investments and very much anti the med establishment. I am now in my 80’s and refuse to put chemical pills into my body. My problem, gas and cramping stomach pain was the reason I read and responded to your interesting articles.

These problems are now very much in reverse since I followed your Great Taste No Pain plan. The only plague to my great health is now in retreat. Thanks to you and my strong will to avoid Drs. I am now able to fully execute my exercise program with vigor, which had been comprised by my problem.

A thousand thanks, perhaps England will reward you the title of Dame.

James Gripin

Hi Sherry,

I am a 42 years old. I have been relatively healthy my whole life. Keep myself in good physical condition. I have eaten relatively healthy the last several years (or so I thought). For many years, I have been plagued by restless sleep. I have chalked it up to “that’s the way I put together”. I often take naps on the weekends just to try and catch up on my missed sleep. I have had some personal family problems for the last few years, which adds to my restless nights.

On top of these things I recently had to take erythromycin because of a sore throat. On the third day of my prescription, I had to rush myself to the hospital @ 2am for severe stomach pains. The ER Dr’s diagnosis was an ulcer. Recommended I see a specialist and gave me a drug to suppress the acid in my stomach. After a day or two, I didn’t feel any better.

I made an appointment with a gastro, but it was a month and half away. Jumped on the net and searched. I found your “Great Taste No Pain” program. I ordered it. I felt much better in a day or two. I have now been on it for a little more that a week. I feel MUCH better! I have so much energy. I sleep through the night. No naps this past weekend. That meant more time to spend time with my kids!

I plan on keeping the appointment, but have no intentions on taking any drugs. Why would I when I can take care of myself.

Thanks so much and keep the info coming.

Jeff Cerretani

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