Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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I cannot tell you how many people I have shared Great Taste No Pain information with since I started the plan.

I contacted a severe case of diverticulitis and was hospitalized early July with an abscess. I was sent home after five days on antibiotics which lasted ten more days. I had a severe reaction to the antibiotics and had to go back to the hospital for another four days for IV antibiotics. Back home, more antibiotics, another attack, and more antibiotics.

Finally my primary care physician, a surgeon who followed me while hospitalized and I decided the inevitable. Surgery for removal of the sigmoid colon…32 days away (November 1st). Dilemma – antibiotics for thirty days or hope for the best. I was petrified to eat anything as no one had any idea about how the attacks were occurring, least of all the doctors.

I decided to do my own research and did an internet search on “diverticulitis diet.” I got quite a few sites but most were merely more pills/supplements for hundreds of dollars. Finally I discovered your Great Taste No Pain website and found the right tools that actually made sense to me. My goal was to reach my surgery date attack free and THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED! Received the first four days and then after about two weeks ordered the other two publications. It was so concise, so easy, and so comforting. I recovered from the surgery slowly and am doing great but still follow the diet for any gut issues which may be present. I have IBS as well. I am a believer! I tell anyone who will listen about what happened to me ending with the fact that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. And that it worked for me. People are listening and I am referring! Thank you so much!

One thing more is the obvious…antibiotics are sometimes necessary but too much is just as dangerous as not enough. I believe the Great Taste No Pain plan saved me from dangerous complications from taking too many antibiotics.

Trina L.

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I am 57 years old, and I have to say you have changed my life. I have had stomach issues my entire life, mainly constipation, for days and up to 2 weeks. I have been to several DR’s over the years and many tests always with the same conclusions IBS. At times I would get so sick with migraines and nausea that I could not get out of bed.

I have been on the program for 6 months and my entire system has changed, no more headaches, sinus issues completely gone and my stomach issues are gone. I can’t thank you enough.

Thanks again,


Thank you so much for the Great Taste No Pain program. It does really work. I have been using it and I feel so much better. I eat out with my family and I never knew it was so easy. I wish I had found this program years ago is the only negative thing I have to say.

I have had IBS since 1997 and the pain and misery was terrible, keeping me from daily enjoyment of my life. I have had GERD’s for 10 years taking all the worst medications. My sister was diagnosed with Diverticulitis last month and I was desperate to find help for both of us.

I really found a winner when I found your site. I can’t believe that for so little I found so much. I am doing so much better. Have had one episode of IBS, my own fault for cheating. That just proved to me your plan works. No more expensive prescriptions and the only side effect, I lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, great side effect.

Thank you so much I am spreading the word. You made it affordable and easy. Anyone can follow this plan. All positive things about this plan.

Thank you again for your hard work and research. It has been a blessing to me and my sister.


Dear Sherry,

Your wonderful books have arrived and I have been following your Great Taste No Pain plan and had to write to tell you that I feel a tremendous improvement “in my digestive system. I appreciate the precise and easy to read, and follow instructions about the food combinations, and also the fact that there are a few days sample menu’s to choose from. The options make life easier.

I had a stubborn case of IBS, Diverticulitis, with complications of adhesions from several surgeries and at present dealing with a hernia as much arthritic and back pain. I am happy to report that all these conditions, even a reoccurring urinary irritation, are all rapidly improving, with the low acid ,high alkaline diet…..I am never hungry and have even lost my cravings for sweets.So,this all adds to a hearty and heartfelt thanks for your dedication to solving the problems of an over acidic bodily condition. I have been able to stop all digestive aids and medications with no ill effects. Frankly, I am amazed at how wonderfully our bodies are designed. If we treat ourselves right, the body helps itself.

I shall be 80 my next birthday, so even old hens can get better.


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Hi Sherry,

I must admit that I was a skeptic when I first read about your Great Taste No Pain plan to normalize my IBS symptoms. After 3 months of persistent diarrhea, I was diagnosed by my physician as having IBS. I tried Lomotil and Imodium to correct the diarrhea to no avail. Then I tried your plan and by the second day I noticed a marked improvement and was back to a normal bowel movement by day 4. WOW! I could hardly believe the results. Even my doctor was surprised.

For the past 15 years I have been taking a PPI (Losec) and antacids to control GERD and a hiatal hernia. I am now off these meds and experiencing little or no acid reflux.

Thank you so very much for being there for us that suffers from IBS and SIBO symptoms. Keep up your excellent work.




I had been diagnosed with IBS since 1970’s. I was given medication for it. Through the years, I have had to take laxatives. Back in those days, you did not have internet and could not find any help.

Back in 2007, I went for tests and was diagnosed with GERD and given that purple pill to swallow and was told I had IBS also. Also, the doctor wrote a prescription for GI cocktail which I had to take daily too. After talking this medication for a while, I knew there had to be a better answer than doctor pushing pills down your throat.

But in 2008, I was on the internet that day and found your Great Taste, No Pain plan and ordered it. I received it and could not believe how I was eating incorrectly and combining my food wrong. No wonder so many people have digestive problems. It took several weeks for my body to readjust itself before I got better. I have been on your diet so long; I do not have to look at the book very much. I have it memorized.

I love your recipe book. My favorite is Sherry’s Outrageous Spaghetti Sauce. I love it. I half it, and put the rest in different containers to eat another time. I love your recipes I have made, my mother-in-law is borrowing them right now.

I thank the Lord I found your website. I wish more people could find about you and how to combine foods.

Thank you so much for doing research and showing people how to combine foods together. It makes all the difference in the world.


I ordered your Great Taste No Pain plan a while back and thought it made a lot of sense but did not put a lot of effort into following through with it. Recently a friend was telling me about a diet she had been trying and I remembered your information and found the printed copy to give to her. When I found it, I leafed through it and thought to myself “why are you not doing this?” Duh!

I immediately changed my eating habits and have felt so much better. Gas, bloating gone and IBS. My friend has also subscribed to your website and is following the plan. She was feeling tired and run down and now is enjoying new found energy! Thank you for putting this information out for all to have access to.


Hi Sherry,

I just want to say thank you so much for your Great Taste No Pain system. I have Colitis and IBS, and have suffered for as long as I can remember. I came across your system on a Colitis blog, someone on the blog swore by the system and wanted to help others with this horrible disease, at that point I would have tried anything. I don’t think before I started this system of eating I ever have had a normal bowel movement (going from severe diarrhea to severe constipation)

I have only been combining my food for a week and for six days I have had normal bowel movements. I was on steroids and an antispasmodic daily, I took myself off them to see if I could and I am doing great. I have had no pain in my stomach for me that’s unheard of. I have two sisters with similar problems who are now trying your plan with great success.

Thank you so much,

Sherri B.

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My name is Gladys and I was told I probably had IBS the day I sent for your Great Taste No Pain plan. It was quite amazing how your plan helped. The Doctor gave me Dicetal to take if I felt another attack coming on and since I was in quite a bit of discomfort, I took one tablet for two days while I was working on making your plan workable for me.

The other thing that seems to have been helped is my sleeping problem. I’m awake all the day now, I don’t seem to need naps; I stay awake through Church Services and comprehend it all. It has to be the change in how these foods are combined with one another. Sleeping or napping has been a problem of mine since I have been about 17 and I am now in my sixties. I have never taken medications as I have always thought that this should all be controlled by what I eat but of course have no will-power.

This plan allows me to eat what I want only a little differently. I think it is great. Have a good day!


I just have to thank you for all the hard work you have done for all of us bowel sufferers. I have been diagnosed years ago with the all-inclusive IBS diagnosis. I could never figure out why sometimes I would be ok and other times I was not. Well sometimes I was eating right and other times I was not but I didn’t know the secret. The secret is in your manual Great Taste No Pain.

God always lets us suffer than he sends someone with all the answers. Page 16 is such a God send. I have put it up on my kitchen cupboard and I have emailed all my friends about your books. Your handy little bookmaker goes right into my purse and dining out has become fun again. Alkalinity and food combining have become my new way of life. Thanks so much for your pursuit of information-you have helped me and so many others.


Patricia W.

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