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Dear Sherry,

The GTNP Combing foods program has really benefitted me. WOW! I started the program on 19 Oct’ 11 and since then have seen remarkable results and here are my following comments:

1) Within the first 4 days my digestion improved and now my stomach is relieved from all the wrong combination of foods I had in the past. No more Pain! No more inconvenient rushes to the bathroom. I now enjoy my food especially some of your diets!

2) My Blood pressure has stayed normal for the last 3 weeks. [I still take the prescription meds for this. Perhaps one day soon I’ll not need them.]

3) No more dizzy spells early in the morning [BP reactions]. This is trully a big improvement for me!

4) My taste and smell has improved – I can taste food with greater relish and smell the little differences between the items that I am eating. My teeth and mouth seem to be always clean and fresh.

5) I notice more energy and less tiredness and I lost 3 lbs. although I am not over weight, but, tend to put more on in the winter.

In the future I’ll move toward a vegetarian diet and cut out the meat.

I am hooked on this program and will continue for the rest of my life. It is well worth the cost of the books etc. and I recommend it to everyone I have a chance to meet and talk to about it.



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Hi Sherry,

I felt my case was insignificant so was not going to write as I have always felt extremely well, but looking back from November last year I have lost 17 kgs (the reason I signed up for your eating plan) I am 60 years old and everything else over the years has failed.

I had a doctor’s appointment to be put on blood pressure medication and was dreading it, but low and behold my blood pressure was absolutely normal after following you’re eating plan. I have also realized that I have stopped popping pain relief pills for lower back pain, and the pain in my knees has completely disappeared.

So thank you Sherry. For me 60 is the new 40.

Keep up the great work, as I certainly share it with everybody.

Lynn M.

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I am a 69 yr. Old woman who has been. Taking Prilosec for about 12 years. Since then I have been put on BP medication, cholesterol medication, Fosamax for my bones, was taking glucosamine, calcium and vitamin D.

A couple months ago came the big shocker. I had an attack of diverticulitis. That was the breaking point. I knew I was doing something wrong. I have always been very healthy and active.

After following your Great Taste No Pain plan I am off the BP medication, Fosamax, prilosec and glucosamine, WOW! There is not much wrong with me. I just did not know how to combine my foods. All of this is with my doctor’s blessed approval.

Thank you so much for all your work.


I have been free of acid reflux for over 4 months now thanks to your Great Taste No Pain program.

We’ve had family and grandchildren in over the last few weeks and of course you know their choice of food may not always be yours. Well after feeling so good and taking super shield over the time period, you would think my desire to be a bad girl would have left the building, but not me – I played with fate and got caught. Since last Sunday I’ve experienced acid reflux, a very sensitive stomach and definitely not normal trips to the bathroom. Now four days later I’m just beginning to feel better. I’ve returned to your plan to get myself back on track and have promised to not do this again. The desserts are wonderful and the recipes have been a real hit -. I’ve learned a good lesson. I am however looking forward to my annual doctor’s appointment and his response to my lower blood pressure and loss of 12 pounds.

Thanks Sherry for your encouragement and sharing of a life free of pain and total wellness.


Hi Sherry,

I’m in my 8th or 9th month of your Great Taste No Pain plan and continue to thrive in my new life. (58yrs old – 15lbs lighter, no GERD or indigestion, low cholesterol and no more BP pills (average 120/80).

I’ve shared the knowledge with many friends & family.

All the best

Graham S.

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Dear Sherry,

I learned about your program from my brother who searched the web due to frustration with heart burn and reflux. I became interested because I was suffering with heartburn, acid reflux and IBS. Last month I was going to bed every night with severe reflux. I was sleeping my usual 4 to 5 hours a night getting up 1 to 3 times a night. I was experiencing high blood pressure for which my medication was failing to control. I was so sluggish all day long, having to take a nap after lunch. I began your program and I had slight reflux the first night and NONE AT ALL since then. I am 54 and have a lot more energy now. Best of all, I am sleeping 8 hours a night and through the night. This hasn’t happened since I was in high school.

My blood pressure is stabilized and I no longer require a nap. All of my symptoms have vanished. Growing up in Southwest Louisiana I delayed starting your program because I didn’t want to give up all of our great Cajun dishes. I still enjoy this wonderful food by combining it differently. It’s easy not to cheat, because I just feel too doggone good.

Forever Grateful,


I ordered your Great Taste No Pain plan over a year ago and it has worked miracles for me. I used to have rounds of vomiting for hours or sometimes days and diarrhea constantly.

Since I got on your Great Taste No Pain plan I have not had another episode of this kind. It has been a Godsend for me to find your plan. The benefits have been awesome; I cut my insulin almost in half, my blood pressure meds considerably, and don’t need acid reflux meds anymore. And I dropped 23 lbs!

I am so thankful every day that I found out how to eat correctly.

It was truly a life saver for me!

Brenda Kelley

Dear Sherry,

After experiencing 12 hours of agonizing abdominal pain and having a CAT scan all in one day last May, I decided I HAD to follow your “”Great Taste No Pain”” eating plan, no excuses, no cheating.

As long as I stick scrupulously to the plan, my two prescription GERD pills stay in the medicine cabinet.

But even better, since then I easily lost 20-25 pounds; and as of 3 days ago, my blood pressure has dropped to 118/70, and my cholesterol has dropped to 140. These are additional, unexpected benefits that are music to the ears of this 64-year-old lady.

Thank you, Sherry.

Julie L.


I wanted you to know that I have taken Fosamax for 3 years and I started with your Great Taste No Pain program one year ago. I just had a bone density test and my bones are back to normal and I went off all medication. The doctor couldn’t believe it. I tried to explain your program to him and he did listen and write down the website. That was my OBGYN. I have a physical this month with my internist and I am going to talk to him about coming off blood pressure medicine.

Since I have been on your Great Taste No Pain plan my blood pressure has gotten really low.

Thank you for everything.

I tell everyone about your program and have helped quite a few people.



I bought your Great Taste No Pain plan months ago and combined my foods properly.

My acid reflex went away, ate foods high in alkaline, noticed difference in bowel movement, lost weight, more energy and have lent by book to many people. My blood pressure is good, what a difference.

Thank you for sharing your book with the public.


Darlene Z.

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