Good Nutrition = Good Health

Good Health begins in the Gut!

Death also begins in the Gut!

The Best Way to Stay Healthy!

  • The number one way to stay  healthy is to have a strong immune system, to fight off health issues we might be exposed to.
  • To do this you need to eat a proper diet in the right combinations, for maximum nutrition..
  • Most people do not eat properly even if they eat how most health professionals consider to be healthy.

Ever drive a new car off the lot?

The engine’s quiet and it runs smooth. Everything works great.  And it will stay that way as long as you maintained it properly.

If you don’t, things start to break down. Your body is no different.

With the exception of those born with congenital illnesses most folks begin life much the same way.  All of our systems work perfectly.  No pains.  No diseases.  Lots of energy.

But nearly all people eating a typical Western diet end up fat or tired or have aches, severe medical conditions and diseases or all of the above… just like a broken down clunker of a car.  And at a relatively young age.

Most people in the West think it’s normal… “Everyone has what I have!”  But it isn’t normal.  The US is the sickest country on the planet.

We’re #1.  More illnesses than anywhere else.  Yippee.

Being healthy and filled with energy every day is normal.  Being sick and tired is abnormal.

So what’s the #1 cause of illness and lack of energy?  Food.

What’s the #1 cause of bouncy good health and boundless energy?  Food.

So perfect health is just a matter of knowing what to do and then doing it.

The body can bounce back even after years of abuse

With the right foods and food combinations, pains can vanish almost overnight.

  • Blubber can disappear like magic.
  • Energy can rise instantly.
  • Digestive problems can be gone in a flash.

All it takes is treating your body as good as you treat your car.  Giving it the right fuel.

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